It is April, and signs of spring are beginning to show: buds popping out all over promising flowers and leaves, many by the end of the month; gardeners will be champing at the bit to get outside to clean out the flower beds and get them ready for the planting to come; and the air will feel different, soft and fresh. I am not a gardener, so my mind turns to spring cleaning and flushing out all the unnecessary “stuff” that has accumulated over time. I have already started with drawers and closets, and I’m beginning to feel lighter! I want to rid my mind of some thoughts that keep me stuck, too, and this seems to be a good time to do it.

I’ll want to spend some time outside, too, but not digging in the dirt, just being out and breathing in the spring air. What are you thinking about for this month? What is pulling you outside or out of your shell? Maybe you will want to do your writing outside in the sun or open the windows and let the fresh air sweep out the stale winter air that has weighed you down. This time of year can bring out your best writing; renewal and rebirth can carry you forward into optimism and a lightness of being. So, let me give you some ideas that may get you started.

What is Spring pulling you toward? What activities draw you in and give you hope for what is to come? What are you hoping for? Make lists that will get you started. Then choose something from your list and write away!

What can you do that will open up your mind to lightness and give you confidence that will wash out the negative to make room for some positive thoughts and feelings?

What “stuff” do you need to get rid of that may be blocking you from moving forward? How can you unblock and open up? Free write until you feel yourself loosing up.

Enjoy the process, and be prepared to be surprised at what appears.