Here in Southwest Missouri, where I live, it’s been an unusual summer, unpredictable: lots of rain, cooler temperatures than usual, the flowers still beautiful and grass green. I began to reflect on other things that I can’t predict besides weather. I don’t know what each day will bring. I can plan and try to stay with my normal routines and even schedule other activities to fit in among the usual things I do, but something can happen in an instant that changes everything. Flexibility is key. Now that we’re entering into another season, it’s a good time to think about what comes next…and hope it all works out.

My fall is beginning to fill up. September is looking busy, and I’m fine with that. I want to keep active, see friends, share my time with something worthwhile, and enjoy my life. But I’m also thinking about spirituality. I’m thinking of changing some of my life’s habits to allow for more “being” time. I’m not sure what that will mean right now, but I’m going to think about the things I do now and see where I can make some changes. I’m going to make a life-changing list.

I’m one who believes that spirituality is already a part of life right where we are, but I also believe that making some changes can enhance the spiritual journey and make a better life in the process. Some people talk about “waking up,” but I believe that we’re already awake, we just need to recognize it. I think we can recognize it in moments of stillness, so making time for stillness is a part of what I want to do. Meditation is one way to be still, so it will be on my list. I meditate now sporadically, but I want to make it a daily habit.

What are your thoughts and beliefs around spirituality?

Free write about spirituality. Do you ever think about it? What does it mean to you?

Make a life-changing list. What would you like to change to increase your recognition of the spirituality that already exists in your life?

How do you fit stillness into your life, if you do? Do you think it’s important? How can you increase your opportunities to be still?