Is it an oxymoron – quiet and celebration in the same phrase? Maybe not. Maybe it can be done.

It is frightening to hear the updated coronavirus numbers every day. We are all tired of the restrictions, and many are ignoring them and doing what they want and going where they want anyway. I wonder why so many people are taking the risks that are spreading the virus, especially at this time of year when we are thinking about the gifts of hope and love and sharing (good things, not the virus!) Are we such optimists? Are we thinking it can’t happen to us? I’m an optimist, too, most of the time, but what accompanies that is doing what will help fulfill my optimistic nature.

I’m not saying I haven’t strayed out into the world during these many months, but I don’t think I’ve done what so many are doing during this holiday season: flying, congregating in large groups, shopping (Thank heavens for internet shopping!), attending events, etc. I have foregone my past activities: the symphony (I am grateful for live streaming and Zoom.), the theater, eating out, and so many other things. It has been difficult, and I don’t like it, but contracting the virus sounds much worse than missing a few enjoyable activities. I have confidence that I will be able to enjoy all those things again when the pandemic is over, which I believe will happen – eventually.

Meanwhile, the December holidays are upon us, and we have to decide how we’re going to negotiate the season safely and hopefully with a few pleasurable activities. We will all make decisions with which we feel comfortable, and that will be different for each of us. I won’t be flying, but I’ll be driving to my mother’s house a few hours away with minimal stops and no partying once I get there. We aren’t shopping this year, either, and are fixing our holiday meal at home. Low key will be our way and just being happy to be together.

I will be feeling grateful for what I have: staying well thus far, the gift of presence, still having a mother, and the love of family and friends. It will be enough. I wish all of you a healthy, happy holiday season. Let’s all get through this trying time with the support of each other. Let’s celebrate quietly!

What are your holiday plans? Write about them and how you can minimize exposure to the coronavirus and still enjoy yourself.

Think about how you are feeling right here, right now, and spill those feelings out on the page, whatever they are. Then reread what you’ve written and reflect on it. Do you still feel the same, or have you gotten some insights that may get you through this time?

Write about what you have to be grateful for. Make a list, then choose one or two to expand on in your journal. Does it make you feel better to think about your blessings for at least a short time?