You may not think of September as a new beginning as you do January 1, the new year, but to me it feels like a time to take stock and maybe even do something different. The hot days of summer are receding into cool nights and warm days. I feel more like tackling projects and spending time outdoors.

Although I have no children in school, school starting up again feels like a fresh start. I live in a college town, and students are everywhere. Something about seeing young people out and about invigorates me. The promise they have kind of rubs off on me. I would love to be going back to school!

So, what am I going to do with my perceived fresh start? Hopefully, I will write more. I got great feedback from a piece I submitted to a literary publication even though I didn’t win the contest. It’s unusual to get feedback on non-winning entries, so I’m going to take advantage of it to revise the piece and maybe submit it elsewhere.

I may go to some parks just to soak up the fall air. I may find a labyrinth nearby and walk it for a spiritual boost. I can revisit some of my 2022 intentions and fulfill them. Now is the time!

September’s Hope

It is here,

that time of year when time feels fresh,

when the air is crackling with possibilities.

I can breathe deeply

and soak in the season.

I embrace the revitalization of my spirit.

There is a pause before whatever is to come

tempered by no promises

except change.

Soon leaves will be falling

in a rainbow of color,

and the grass will fade,

but I know they are only resting

and will return in the Spring.

I always hope for peace on earth,

but this year, especially, I send out peace vibes

on the crisp, cool air of autumn.

© 2022 Dorothy A Joslyn


Some people think of autumn as the dying season. What does it say to you?

Do you have projects for this fall that you’ve been saving because of the heat of summer? Write about them.

What is one of your hopes and wishes for right now? Send out the vibes!