It’s December again – already. Where has 2022 gone? There have been ups and downs for sure this year; but here we are, getting ready to celebrate the various holidays that occur in December and looking forward, not backwards. By our actions we are showing optimism. We’re traveling, we’re shopping, we’re going to parties, being with family and friends, being crazy busy, just like in the past.

But, we’re still struggling with Covid, and now predictions are that this will be a particularly bad flu season, as well. Then there is RSV added to the mix, especially in children. We know what we can do to avoid illness this season, but will we do what it takes to keep it away? Most of us will not. We’re tired of restrictions and warnings, so we go on about our lives as we did pre-Covid. It remains to be seen what that will do to our health.

So, there is joy and reticence, abandon and carefulness, hope and a little bit of fear. I think in the long run, we’ll be okay, but we still have a way to go. Meanwhile, let’s hope and use some good sense in all that we do this holiday season. And love, fiercely love, those we care about and the world in general. Life can be difficult, but we usually know what we need to do to make it livable. We just have to do it!

A Gift to the Self

There is a bright spot on the horizon,
both at the beginning and the end of the day.
We celebrate these miracles,
sometimes without even knowing it.
We take for granted the cycle of days
and live our lives as if the cycle will never end.
We give and receive whatever love there is,
and joy fills our hearts,
and cures our sorrows.
We decide how we show up in the world each day.
It is not always easy,
but here we are,
hopeful and ready to face whatever awaits us.
We can, after all, create a life to love.

© 2022 Dorothy A Joslyn

What are you creating in your corner of the world?

Write about what makes your your life worthwhile. What matters to you?

What is a gift you can give to yourself and of yourself to others this holiday season?