July is National Anti-Boredom Month.*

“I’m bored,” you think as your eyes wander around the room, trying to decide what to do next. Nothing calls to you, and you begin to feel a little guilty just sitting there doing nothing. “What can I be doing?” you think. “How did I get to this place at this time?”

Exploring these questions may lead you to some conclusions, maybe even that a little boredom is necessary for your well-being. Interesting concept, huh? There are a few things that are good about boredom:

1. When you feel stressed and overloaded, a little boredom can give you a much-needed break.
2. When you are bored, your mind wanders, maybe to new places where creativity exists.
3. Maybe you will start a new hobby or do something you haven’t tried before.
4. Volunteering is another option. Think of a cause that really matters to you and find a way to help out.
5. Just go out for a walk, maybe to someplace you haven’t been before, and really look at your surroundings. Enjoy!

The next time you feel bored, explore the feelings and try to discover the origin. Then relax and enjoy the slowing down that often comes from boredom, and maybe you’ll discover a new passion or something interesting that will free your mind, and boredom will dissipate. Then go for it!

*Information for this blog came from the following website: https://nationaltoday.com/national-anti-boredom-month/


It creeps up on you, slowly and smoothly.
You barely recognize its arrival
until you find yourself sitting among the ashes
of a project you began but don’t want to continue.
Or maybe you’ve just finished a book
that left you hanging in suspense,
and you really don’t want to start another one right now.
Maybe you’re just tired of a task
entrenched in your being that seems to be going nowhere.
Sit back, and do a little daydreaming.
Relax your thoughts and body;
give yourself a break from worry and restlessness.
Enter the no-guilt zone,
and know that nothing will change much
if you stop for just a while,
and rest.

© 2023 Dorothy A Joslyn

What is something that bores you? Why do you think you get bored with it?

Write about some things you have found to relieve your boredom.

What do you think are some things that boredom is good for?