And another year begins. I used to think I needed to promise something big each year as it began and then keep that promise as the year progressed. Now, my list is not promises but intentions, some routine things I want to continue through the year and some new and some bigger things, too. Intentions just sound softer with no recriminations if I don’t accomplish some of them. I did fairly well in 2023 and will carry some of the habits I started into 2024, as well as some new or revised intentions. In addition, I have weekly lists of things to accomplish that include some of my intentions.

I have a friend who also has weekly lists with whom I meet every week to see how we did and to create new lists for the coming week. The accountability is good, though we don’t berate each other if we haven’t finished everything. Still, we take our lists seriously (to some degree!) and work toward 100% completion. (After going over our lists and making new ones, we take a break and write together and then play games! A reward for first “taking care of business.”)

The beginning of a new year, although it’s really just a continuation of living our current lives, gives us reasons to make needed or desired changes, to “start fresh.” And why not? Whatever it takes to make our lives happier and more livable is good. Being organized is important to me, though I’m a little more relaxed about it than I used to be when I had a job that took up quite a lot of my time. I like the idea of a clean slate even though it may get messy as I go along!

My 2024 poem:

Renewal and Moving Forward 2024

It begins with a list,
not so hard to make,
at the beginning of a year.
What do I want to do this year?
What do I want to accomplish?
What do I need to get done?
There are some fun things on it, too,
to brighten my year
and make me happy.
Life is a continuation
of one thing after another,
going from day to day,
watching ourselves grow and learn,
no matter our ages,
giving and receiving,
holding on to friends and family
on this journey
that we’re not sure
where we’ll end up.
But it doesn’t matter.
What matters is making the trip,
giving love, laughing, crying,
just being present,
and remembering why we are here.
It’s different for everyone,
so find your path and follow it
to the end.

Make an intention list for yourself for 2024. Be sure to include important, fun and interesting things on it.

If you have a friend who will also make a list, meet together and support each other in your efforts to have a successful year.

Write, write, write! It doesn’t have to be formal or about anything in particular, but it will enhance your journey.

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