Today begins our writing relationship. I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you have to say. I will be posting many types of writing prompts: poetry, journaling, meditation, writing from pictures and whatever else I can think of or what I hear from you that you’d like to write to. I may try out some of my new poems on you, to get your feedback, and I’d like to read yours, too. This will be an ongoing journey, and it will evolve as we walk down this path together.

To begin, here are a few lines from my poem, “Just Show Up”:

Just show up
in this place and time.
Don’t worry about what comes next
or what was.


  1. What can you say to yourself when you begin to worry about “what comes next”?
  2. How are you showing up in a particular situation that you are facing right now? How does it make you feel? Anxious? Joyful? Sad? Expectant of a specific outcome?
  3. How can looking toward the past stall your forward progression? Or enhance it?
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  1. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    This is wonderful, Dottie! I am excited to learn that you will be writing a blog. Perhaps it will encourage me to return to my journals.

  2. Connie Warnsing
    Connie Warnsing says:

    WOW! Your site is beautiful! I love every part of it. Looking forward to reading and can’t wait to get my book!!!!!


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