Most of us are thinking about gift-giving around this time of year, and it is often a stressful time. That defeats the purpose of gift-giving, which could be joyful and fun. Maybe we can begin with a gift to ourselves, one of calm and peacefulness during this season of many different celebrations. How can we “buy” that gift for ourselves?

We can be aware of the stress first and acknowledge it. Then look for the reasons for the stress: maybe it’s a lack of money to buy all the gifts on your list, or not knowing what Mom really would like, or not enough time to do all the shopping. Whatever it is, look inward for the answers to the dilemmas, because they are there. You know what to do. Go to stillness and breathe deeply of peacefulness. Then choose the answers that make sense to you. Can you give time instead of something you buy? Can you help with a project or something the person needs done? Can you make something? These are things that come to my mind; your answers may be something else. I wish you a wonderful holiday season, whatever and however you celebrate.

Here is a poem that may show you a way to banish stress:

It is for me,
this gift of being here,
and for all of us,
if we embrace it.

Notice what is before you
in this moment,
time we can use
any way we wish.

We can celebrate life,
give of ourselves to something
that pulls us in,
or just be still.

Put aside the stresses
of living and worry.
it can be done,
if you treasure this gift.

So much doesn’t matter
that we carry with us,
the light
of what is always there.

If we turn our eyes
that are closed
we will see
from a different view.

Be calm in your hearts
by breathing
of the silence
that is in you,

and fall into peace.

© 2019 Dorothy A Joslyn

Write about some ideas you may have to celebrate the season in calmness and peace.

Write a good memory of a holiday in the past that made you happy.

What do you do every year at this time that creates a tradition for you and/or your family that makes happy memories?

If you don’t or don’t feel like celebrating, write about how you can create peacefulness in your life anyway in the midst of holiday hype.

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  1. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    “So much doesn’t matter that we carry with us” is such a good reminder to focus on what is important. Thank you, Dottie.


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