March is a month of some significant special days. Daylight savings time begins on March 8, St. Patrick’s Day is the 17th, and Spring makes its appearance (we hope) on March 20th. I was looking at a fun website of other special days in March and one jumped out that made me smile: Everything You Do is Right Day on the 16th. It’s even a Monday this year, which may make the day even more challenging than usual, but I think it’s possible to do it! Yes, I think you probably have to make it happen, so why not try? I wrote a list poem that you may want to use as a guide.

Get up this morning with a smile on your face.
Get to work on time….if you’re still working, or
if you’re retired, you are already starting on the right foot.
Be sure to eat breakfast; it will begin your day in a better place.
Take your time drinking your coffee or tea, or
whatever your morning beverage is.
No matter the weather, approach the day with optimism.
Whatever you do today, do it with energy and enjoyment.
Offer a smile and friendly greeting to everyone you meet.
Take time for lunch; get away from your desk or home work
and find a quiet, comfortable place to eat, or
meet a friend and brave the noise of a busy café together.
Return to your afternoon activities refreshed and ready to go.
Be sure to leave work on time,
and be careful on the drive home, or
stay put for the time that is rush hour,
and be glad you don’t have to be in it.
Spend the evening with family or friends, or
quiet time alone with a good book or hobby.
Go to bed relaxed and ready to get a good night’s sleep.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring, so
Do Everything Right Today!

Write about what your “right” day would be like.

At the end of this day, think back and write about how it went. Try to emphasize what was positive about it.

List what you are grateful for today in your gratitude journal.

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