I’m lucky to still have a mom at my age. She will be 91 in June. I will see her then rather than on Mother’s Day this year. But I’ll be thinking of her and calling her. She lives in an independent/assisted living facility now where she is safer than she was living alone in a farm house with lots of stairs and a long trek out to the mailbox in all sorts of weather. It’s still a little odd seeing her there in her own little apartment, but we’re all adapting, and she seems to have settled in nicely.

She is determined to learn each person’s name, residents and staff. She participates in activities and excursions and leaves her door open during the day to greet others walking by. I admire Mom for her resilience and positive attitude.

She is the most senior family member I have left, and I celebrate her for her long and full life. She has seen a lot of changes in the world since 1932, and I admire her for forging ahead and accepting most of the changes. Technology is one area she has struggled with, but even I have problems with it sometimes! So yea, Mom. Keep going!

Here’s a poem I wrote celebrating the moms in my life:


The Many Facets of Moms

Mom is the one who tucked me in at night –

with a kiss on the forehead

and a wish that I would have “Sweet Dreams.”


Grandma held me on her lap

and rocked me singing, “Wonderful Words of Life,”

probably hoping I’d fall asleep for a nap!


My great aunt let me sleep with her

because I was afraid of the black darkness

on the farm, no lights anywhere.


She said to me, “Good night, sleep tight,

don’t let the bed bugs bite,

get up in the morning and beat on your drum.”


My mother-in-law was a formidable woman,

but she welcomed me into her heart and home

and years later, after her death,


I still smile when I remember her.

One day after she had died, without thinking,

I picked up the phone to call her for a recipe.


I have taken all these women for granted,

always sure of my safety and security

in their presences. . .


always sure of their love.

© 2023 Dorothy A Joslyn


Write a tribute to your mom or a mom you admire.


Be sure you wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day with a call or a card or in some way that surprises her.


If you’re a mom, take a break one day this month to celebrate you! (Or if you’re not a mom, take a break, anyway!)

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  1. Kathi
    Kathi says:

    Lovely thoughts on all the loving women in your life. And, kudos to you for acknowledging them. We are truly blessed when we come from a lineage of loving women. Something worth celebrating, for sure!

  2. Katherine McQueen
    Katherine McQueen says:

    What a beautiful expression and love and gratitude to these wonderful women who were such an influence in your life.


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